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Gifted and Talented


Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented students in Edna ISD are defined as those students who, by virtue of outstanding mental abilities, are capable of high performance and demonstrate above-average achievement and potential in general intellectual ability and specific subject-matter aptitude. Our GT program serves students who are gifted in general intellectual ability. Students in the GT program receive enrichment in the classroom and are required to complete extra projects and assignments during Enrichment time scheduled for each grade level. Please contact the school for more information at 361-782-2953.  


The Edna Independent School District takes nominations for the Gifted and Talented program in the spring of every year.  Students who behave maturely, thrive on complexity, master learning quickly, and think outside the box, should be considered for nomination.  If you know a student who fits these criteria, please fill out a nomination form. 

*2024 GT Nominations will be held from January 3rd- January 12th.

*Nomination forms may be picked up from the Edna Elementary School front office and must be submitted by January 12th by 4 pm. 

If your student was nominated for the Gifted and Talented program, parents will need to complete the GT Parent Survey as a part of the screening process. GT Parent Survey will be sent home to be completed. Date to be determined. 

  2022-2023 GT Field Trips to the Lake Texana Nature Center: -February 15th -March 22nd -April 12th -May 3rd    
  GT students conducting field research at LNRA.  
  GT students in 3rd gr. were challenged to design a                                                                       Jack-o-Lantern with something other than a pumpkin!    
       Student Projects:  
the cay
      5th grade studied the novel, The Cay by Theodore Taylor.  Some of the students created diorama projects to display scenes from the book.    GT Field trip to Victoria College & the Museum of the Coastal Bend.